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30 Dec 2006

On the BBC Radio 4 show I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, one of the rounds includes suggestions for sponsors for various London Tube Stations. Here are some of the teams' suggestions, along with some of my suggestions. If you have any ideas you would like included, please e-mail me here, and I will add the best ones (with full credit to you of course)

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Dylon could sponsor Turnham Green Hackney
18 Nov 1995
Skoda Tooting Hackney
18 Nov 1995
Crown Toupees & Hairpieces could sponsor High Barnet Hackney
18 Nov 1995
The 1922 Committee could sponsor Hangar Lane Hackney
18 Nov 1995
The Convocation of Bishops could sponsor Hatton Cross Hackney
18 Nov 1995
The Daschund Fanciers Club could sponsor Hounslow Central Hackney
18 Nov 1995
John West Tinned Acton Hackney
18 Nov 1995
Vauxhall Hackney
18 Nov 1995
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