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22 Nov 2006

On the BBC Radio 4 show I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, one of the rounds includes suggestions for books that would have been sure-fire flops. Here are some of the teams' suggestions, along with some of my suggestions. If you have any ideas you would like included, please e-mail me here, and I will add the best ones (with full credit to you of course)

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Herman Melville's Dopey Mick Woking
22 May 2000
Women in Hove, by Sid Lawrence Woking
22 May 2000
Virgil's Aunty Enid Woking
22 May 2000
Zorba The Geek Woking
22 May 2000
Who's Afraid of Heinz Wolf? Woking
22 May 2000
Alice In Sunderland Woking
22 May 2000
The Prime Of Miss Ann Widdecombe Woking
22 May 2000
Satanic Nurses Woking
22 May 2000
Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Times Pissed Woking
22 May 2000
Paddy Ashdown Ha Ha Ha Woking
22 May 2000
Lady Chatterley's Nodding Acquaintance Woking
22 May 2000
1983 Woking
22 May 2000
Salman Rushdie's The Ceramic Vases Mark Duffield
Low Expectations Mark Duffield
Miniscule Dorrit Mark Duffield
Gabriel Garcia Marquez has spent too long on his PC and produced One Hundred Hours of Solitaire Mark Duffield
Room At The Bottom Kevin Hale
Batman & Robin Cook Kevin Hale
The Blue Lampshade Kevin Hale
Winkleshell Heroes Kevin Hale
Hamlet (The Cigar Years) Jim Millar
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